Dr. Rhonda L. Paulsen

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada is the home town of Rhonda L. Paulsen. When an adolescent, her family moved to Hawaii then later back to Canada in Ontario, where she has settled.

Rhonda has her Doctor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, specializing in Adult Education, Community Development and Counseling Psychology. Her Master’s degree is in Canadian Heritage and Development studies from Trent University, where she also achieved her Honours B.A. She has continued to teach at Trent since 1996, as well as serving on the committee to develop Canada’s first Ph.D program in Indigenous Studies, also at Trent University.

Over thirty years of experience has been in the fields of business and education, with focus on advocating for equity in diversity and cultural awareness and understanding. She has worked with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, colleagues and members of the community to define and implement best practices in education (including the development of new schools and programming). For example, Rhonda participated in the efforts of the Hopi in Arizona to reclaim their lands, with the Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian Peoples) for the revitalization of language in education, and in collaborative research projects for Aboriginal Literacy in Canada. As well, she developed the first Special Emphasis Certificate program in Aboriginal Studies offered in Ontario, and – with support from Trent’s Symons Award – has produced this book: “Spirit of the Island: Manitoulin’s People - Ezhi-minidoowang Minis:  Minidoo-wining Bemaadizijig”.