Gathering Five

Spirit of the Island:  Manitoulin’s People
Stories of Indigenous – Settler Historical Dynamics

Gathering Five – Experiences on the Land

  1. Nmamaa, who never liked guns      Elder Shirley I. Williams-Pheasant

  2. Lost on the Ice      Doreen Bailey

  3. A Goat Story      Elder Shirley I. Williams-Pheasant

  4. Ballad of the Hawberry      Linda Willson

Dominion Bay
- photo by E. J. Thipphawong

Author’s Notes: Rhonda L. Paulsen

- Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers
- Relationship to the Land



  1. Nmamaa, wiikaa gaa-bshigensig bashkiziganan

  2. Nishnong mkomiing

  3. Echo-mdaaching-shi-nswi: Mshaaboos

  4. E-zhi-nowesed Miines

Rassemblement cinq – Expériences sur l’île

  1. Nmamaa qui n’aimait pas les armes      Aînée Shirley I. Williams-Pheasant

  2. Perdu sur la glace      Doreen Bailey

  3. Une histoire de chèvre      Aînée Shirley I. Williams-Pheasant

  4. La ballade de l’aubépine      Linda Willson

Notes de l’auteur : Rhonda L. Paulsen

- Les enseignements des sept grands-pères
- La rapport avec la terre




photo by E. J. Thipphawong

                      “As soon as a person does not take their existence for granted,

                              but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious,

                                                                 thought begins."

                                                                                                               Albert Schweitzer


Learning Outcomes ~ upon completion of this gathering, the student will be able to…

1. Describe perceptions of natural resources in terms of Indigenous traditional knowledge.

2. Apply concepts of the Seven Grandfather teachings to everyday life and relationships.

3. Relate examples of effective land-based learning.