Gathering Nine

Spirit of the Island:  Manitoulin’s People
Stories of Indigenous – Settler Historical Dynamics

Gathering Nine - Zoey Wood-Salomon             Forgotten Children

Author’s Notes: Rhonda L. Paulsen

- Child Welfare and the 60’s Scoop
- Church and Government Apologies
- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
- Indigenous Art and Artists


Gaa-nenjigaazjig Binoojiinyag

Rassemblement neuf – Zoey Wood-Salomon           Les enfants oubliés

Notes de l’auteur : Rhonda L. Paulsen

- La Child Welfare Act et la rafle des années 1960
- Les excuses présentées au nom de l’Église et du gouvernement
- Les femmes et filles autochtones disparues et assassinées
- L’art et les artistes autochtones




photo by R. L. Paulsen

                                                                        “What is life?
                                                    It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
                                                    It is the breath of a buffalo in winter.
                                        It is the little shadow that runs across the grass.
                                                           And loses itself in the sunset.”

                                                                                                     author unknown

Learning Outcomes ~ upon completion of this gathering, the student will be able to…

1. Realize the importance of maintaining a strong knowledge base of historical and current issues concerning First Nations, Inuit, and Metis societies.

2. Ethically and morally discuss historical and contemporary events in the context of Indigenous-Settler dynamics/experiences.

3. Assess meanings embedded in public statements; be socially responsible.