Bachelor of Education - Indigenous; and Aboriginal Emphasis Initiative (AEI)

Bachelor of Education - Indigenous

  • 5-year concurrent program of professional education that combines studies in Indigenous Education with areas of study in the Primary/Junior and Intermediate/Senior divisions
  • "Native Studies" and "Native Languages - Ojibwe" are added as official teaching subjects (i.e. teachables) at the Intermediate/Senior division
  • for students who self-identify as having Indigenous ancestry
  • program approved and offered at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario in the School of Education and Professional Learning


AEI “Special Emphasis” awarded with College Diplomas

  • open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students
  • delivers existing courses from an Indigenous perspective
  • recognition for an  “Aboriginal Emphasis” is received at graduation
  • after graduation the AEI is beneficial to
    • employment
    • everyday life
    • enhanced personal growth and understanding in a world we share as we work and live together.