Gathering Thirteen

Spirit of the Island:  Manitoulin’s People
Stories of Indigenous – Settler Historical Dynamics

Gathering Thirteen - Ann Elizabeth Carson           Lake Mindemoya

Author’s Notes:
Elder Shirley I. Williams-Pheasant and Rhonda L. Paulsen

- Sacred Water, Thirteen Grandmother Moons, and Turtle Island
- Sacred Water Walks- The Right for Water

On that notea personal message ~ Rhonda L. Paulsen




Rassemblement treize – Ann Elizabeth Carson           Le lac Mindemoya

Les sacrée, les treize enseignements de Grand-mère Lune et l’île de la Tortue

Aînée Shirley I. Williams-Pheasant et Rhonda L. Paulsen

- L’eau sacrée
- Les marches pour l’eau sacrée
- Le droit à l’eau

Sur cette note... Un message personnel ~ Rhonda L. Paulsen



    Water depth measuring stick, Dominion Bay - 
photo by E. J. Thipphawong

                    “Argue for your limitations

                                   and sure enough they are yours."            author unknown                                  

Learning Outcomes ~ upon completion of this gathering, the student will be able to…

1. Understand how peoples’ worldviews, values, and beliefs are reflected in daily life.

2. Investigate policies and practices of environmental management and sustainable development.

3. Interact with others in ways that encourage the ‘good mind’; contribute to effective working and personal relationships, and the achievement of goals.

Personal Inquiry:

  1. Why do we need water protection?

  2. Many First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities have been under a ‘boil-water advisory’ for years, sometimes decades. How long do you think an urban center, such as Toronto or Ottawa, would have to wait to rectify a boil-water advisory? 25 years? A generation born and raised into adulthood without safe drinking water.

Bridal Veil Falls, photo by Ronald O. Paulsen - 1996  (two waterfalls)  


Bridal Veil Falls, photo by E. J. Thipphawong - 2007 (one of the falls partially remains)